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Missing Boy With Few Clues Bellevue

11/11/2021 08:15 PM ET

Missing Boy Bellevue - B, Wash. — The car that a Bellevue, Wash. mother of a missing boy had said run out of gas and became disabled appeared to be running just fine during a police test drive early Friday morning.

Investigators were testing Julia Biryukova’s Acura and a KOMO News crew saw the car being driven back to the police headquarters in Bellevue. The car was followed by what appeared to be several undercover police cars and a service vehicle that could help if there were any mechanical problems.

“As you saw, the vehicle test drove just fine,” said Bellevue Police Maj. Mike Johnson. “We gathered some data, we recorded some notes, we recorded some video.”

And he said there was still enough gas in the tank to conduct the test.

“The only gas we used in the vehicle was the gas that was in it to begin with,” Johnson said, adding he wouldn’t divulge any further details about the test. “We did it, the vehicle ran,” he said.

The car test was the latest attempt by police to corroborate Biryukova’s story that her 2-year-old son Sky Metalwala vanished Sunday after her car ran out of gas and she left him sleeping alone while she walked to get gas. Police earlier determined the car’s gas tank was not empty at the time.

Johnson said Biryukova still hasn’t responded to repeated public and private pleas to talk to police. Johnson revealed that after Thursday morning’s public plea, detectives placed another call to Biryukova’s attorney Thursday afternoon and still have not received any response. Johnson said Biryukova has not deemed a suspect or person of interest.

The boy’s father, Solomon Metalwala, took his second polygraph test Thursday afternoon, Johnson said. He said results won’t be made public by police, but Solomon Metalwala was free to discuss the results as he saw fit.

On Thursday, rumors of a ransom note that had allegedly been sent to the missing boy’s family surfaced on a Facebook page titled “Find Sky Metalwala - Missing From Bellevue, Washington”.

The page administrator posted what was called a “ransom e-mail” that he or she had received earlier in the day.

The author said the e-mail, which allegedly demanded $25,000 for the safe return of the missing boy, was forwarded to authorities.

However, Bellevue police said they’d not been told of any ransom note, and were not investigating any such e-mail.

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