​Mom Dead In Fridge: Suspect Of Mom Found Murdered Arrested In Mexico

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December 15, 2021

The case involving a mom who was found dead in a fridge at the family’s apartment, and a missing 11-month-old baby has taken a turn.

Patrick Lambert, father of 11-month-old Achilles Lambert, was taken into custody Friday afternoon by Mexican authorities with help from the FBI, according to The Inquisitr. Both are being returned to the U.S. The father and child were missing for approximately four days after Anastacia Oalikhena Lambert was found dead in a fridge.

The mom found dead in the fridge investigation points to the father as a person of interest. Police believe he may have murdered the 27-year-old woman. Her body was found Monday afternoon in southwest Houston.

Police had difficulty tracking down the suspect because they didn’t know what kind of vehicle he was driving and didn’t have a license plate number. Investigators learned from neighbors that Patrick Lambert was talking about leaving town two weeks before Anastacia Oalikhena Lambert was found dead. Police said she had been stabbed.

Police say the mom called 911 two months ago to report that her husband was threatening her with a knife. Officers went to the apartment that day but no charges were ever filed.

The mom found dead in the fridge was last seen walking around the apartment complex two weeks ago. Homicide detectives were back at the complex Tuesday to search for evidence. They removed the refrigerator and took it to the crime lab for further testing. Police said there was blood all over the floor.

Neighbors recall often seeing her with a small child, according to USA Today. The mom who was found dead in a fridge is originally from West Africa. Patrick Lambert had lived several places including Clearwater Fla., New York and Hawaii. Police said the power at the apartment had been turned off Nov. 20 because of a late payment.

The couple had apparently been living there since June. A neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said he heard a strange noise coming from the apartment last week.

“You know how when somebody put something like hammer, put a nail through the wall, something like that? It’s not like that but it was just going throughout the whole house so I just thought it was maintenance.”

Neighbors expressed surprise after the discovery of Anastasia Lambert’s body. Neighbors couldn’t believe the mom was found dead in a fridge inside her apartment. Susan Washington said she is shocked that this incident could happen to a mom of a baby.

“I can’t imagine who would do that or why someone would do that. You can’t help but feel the sadness for their family to have to find this and experience this.”

The victim didn’t have a job and had no family in the area, a possible explanation for why no one realized she was missing. Police don’t know what kind of vehicle Patrick Lambert was driving. One neighbor said he might have been a taxi driver.

The mom was found dead in a fridge by a maintenance worker who entered their apartment Monday after he detected a strong odor coming from the unit. The maintenance worker discovered the body, which police believe could have been there as long as three weeks, notes the Examiner. Because Anastacia didn’t have a job or family in the area, no one realized she was missing, police said.

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