​MSNBC Forced Apology Over Joe Biden ‘Quotes’​​

MSNBC has been forced to make an apology to its viewers after taking quotes from Vice President Joe Biden out of context.

MSNBC Forced Apology

Biden was giving a speech dedicated to Americans who died in the Benghazi, Libya attacks last year.

But as the National Review pointed out, MSNBC used the segment to make an argument about gun control in the United States.

“No child should predecease their parents and no one should have to suffer the loss of their spouse, it’s not easy,” he said in the edited segment.
The network’s Thomas Roberts then said Biden was “children as the victims of gun violence” when he made the remark.

However, on Friday’s edition of “The Cycle,” the network issued an apology for apparently taking the vice president’s quote out of context.

A co-host on the show, Toure, said, “Quick note, earlier today on MSNBC, we played a sound bite from the Vice President in which we stated he was speaking about gun control. The Vice President was actually speaking about Benghazi. It was a producer error. MSNBC regrets the error,” according to the Huffington Post.

Conservative website The Blaze claimed the network was “forced” to apologize, suggesting MSNBC was trying to mislead, but the apology wasn’t not specific.