Muzique: No Fat Girls Chics In Montreal

By: Staff
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 21, 2021

Muzique no fat girls allowed in Montreal night club, patrons argue size discrimination.

Muzique no fat girls policy in Montreal club. This means no fat girls in the Muzique Montreal night club, but think its size discrimination. It seems Muzique does not want larger women in their night club.

No fat girls sign was posted on Facebook for the club. Some witnesses said they saw it in the establishment. In fact, the owners are claiming that they didn't even know about the sign. Invitations for a birthday party were distributed, along with the no fat slogan.

Montreal Muzique Club spokesman John Jay said they didn't even realize it "was there until a couple of days ago, and it was too late to retract it because the event had already happened." Jay said it was taken down as soon as they found out about it. ""It was taken down as soon as we found out about it...It was someone thinking he was funny," Jay said.

Size discrimination is also showing conerns. "Everybody knows. (Clubs) are selective," and "(Discrimination) comes with the right to refuse entrance." Stefano Apostolakos, a Montreal club promoter, said in a statement. "They'll never tell you you can't come in because of your looks. But at the end of the day, that's what it comes down to, usually. It's the sad truth." Some patrons said it was the no fat policy might get some girls to lose weight, although Muzique club owners disagree.