Naked Woman Shot By Off-Duty Cops For Erratic Behavior

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
10/23/2012 07:45 AM ET

A naked and armed Florida woman, 42-year-old Inga Marie Swanson, was shot and killed by a Hernando County sheriff's detective Rocky Howard and deputy and Tampa police officer William Mechler near Spring Hill after she began to act erratically.

Shortly after the initial confrontation, Swanson reportedly returned and was described to be, "armed, naked and irrational." One of the officers then opened fire on the woman, as she threatened them with the weapon, according to the police report.

Swanson's boyfriend David Simpson had said she was extremely religious and though that 'the end times were near'. Simpson also described the weapon that the woman had threatened the officers with was an antique gun that only held one bullet and was not in working order.

Hernando County Sheriff Al Neinhuis told MyFoxTampaBay that Swanson "was just acting irrational... It was obvious being naked she was not in her right mind."

According to reports, the party was a family gathering that Swanson was not invited too, which led to her becoming irate about and showing up anyway. She returned naked with the weapon after being asked to leave.

"They asked her to leave and after a while she did leave and the detective called the Sheriff's Office to let us know there was a woman in the area who was acting irrational and naked," Sherriff Neinhuis said. "She came back with a weapon and confronted both the Tampa police officer and my sheriff's office detective. She came with a weapon and I would surmise that they felt their life was in danger."

Both officers were placed on administrative leave until the investigation was concluded.

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