​Nigerian Man has 107 Wives, 185 Children​​

September 18, 2021

Nigerian Man 107 Wives - Nigerian man, Bello Maasaba, has 107 wives. He also has 185 children, with his youngest being just a month old. Bello Maasaba is 87 years of age.

According to reports Maasaba had 86 of those wives between the age of 19 and 64, nine have died and he divorced 12 for disobedience. The massive family lives in an 89 room home in Bida. In addition to his 185 children and currently 86 wives, Maasaba has 5,000 members in his extended family including nephews, in-laws, nieces, cousins and others.

Some may be wondering if this is legal anywhere and it;s not. Under Islamic law, a man is allowed to marry a max of four women. Maasaba’s excuse for having so many wives he says his decision to marry so many women is as a result of divine revelation from God.

Due to all the women Maasaba was married to he was thrown in jail for 22 days about three years ago; this when the Islamic ruler of Nigeria found out he has so many wives. All of his wives were made to testify during the trial. All said they married Maasaba on their own will and were not forced, therefor Maasaba was released.