North Carolina Bigfoot Sighting

North Carolina Bigfoot sighting in Cleveland County. The man in North Carolina fended off the Bigfoot creature with a stick before chasing him back into the woods. Tim Peeler said the Bigfoot was 10 feet tall, and he wanted him off his North Carolina property.

“This thing was 10 feet tall,” Peeler said in a statement. “It had beautiful hair.” Peeler was trying to call coyotes but believes he coaxed the mythical Bigfoot out of the woods.

“I rough-talked him… I said get away from here. Get, get! And he went back down that path again,” Peeler said. The mountain man went outside to investigate after hearing grunts and screeches outside his home. Peeler said the Sasquatch beast went after his dogs. However, the creature returned again and Peeler called 911 for help.

Bigfoot sightings in North Carolina is something new for deputies in Cleveland County. They filed a report and are trying to keep an open mind about the situation. Sgt. Mark Self, a Cleveland County deputy, said he remembers the stories of Bigfoot from when he was a kid growing up. “In those days, the stories centered on the beast breaking into chicken houses and killing the birds.”

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