Nurse Suicide Note, Coroner Reports Three Letters Found

The head nurse who left a suicide note days after forwarding a prank call from Australian DJs to Kate Middleton’s hospital room reported the official death of Jacintha Saldanha.

Coroner’s officer Lynda Martindill said Saldanha was discovered hanging by a scarf from a wardrobe in her nurses’ quarters three days after fielding the prank call by a colleague and a member of security staff at London’s King Edward VII Hospital.

Police detective chief inspector James Harman adds that Saldanha, also had injuries to her wrists.

Martindill reported that efforts were made to revive the nurse when she was found but were unsuccessful.

She officially declared Saldanha’s death came at her own hands after reviewing how she died and the fact that Harman reported in an inquest that two suicide notes were found at the scene, and a third was found in her belongings, leading them to believe no one else was involved in her death.

Though not all the details of the letters have not been released, it is being reported that in one of them, Saldanha criticizes the hospital she worked for in the way they handled the situation and senior colleagues over her treatment, after the hoax.

Although the King Edward VII Hospital announced there would be no disciplinary action taken on the two nurses involved in the prank.

In one letter, the distraught nurse explains how she could not come to terms with her mistake in handling the prank call and in another she details what she wants her funeral to be like.

The mother of two had also sent a number of emails and made telephone calls that police believe might help explain what happened.

Scotland Yard detectives are now examining the notes, as well as interviewing Mrs. Saldanha’s friends, family and colleagues at London’s King Edward VII hospital.

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