​NY Shooting Killed FBI Tactical Team​​

By: | 03/15/2013 10:32 AM ET
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NY shooting suspect, Kurt R. Myers, was shot and killed by authorities on Thursday after he got into a shoot out with an FBI tactical team.

Myers, 64, is suspecting of killing 4 people and wounding 2 other on Wednesday in Herkimer County, New York.

The shootings appear to be “unprovoked and random,” a police official said.

Early-on Thursday, the FBI tactical team made their way into an abandoned tavern in Herkimer, New York, where the suspect was believed to be hiding out. An FBI dog died in the shootout, but no officers were injured, police added.

Myers’ death left many questions unanswered, including why the apparent loner with no significant criminal record shot six people, killing four and leaving the other two in critical condition, State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico told reporters.

“We think they were unprovoked and random,” he said of the attacks.

The FBI tactical team, led by a police dog, moved on Myers shortly before 8 a.m. Thursday, D’Amico said. Myers first fired on them through the closed door, then again into the doorway as agents stormed the room, he added. “As unfortunate as it was that the canine lost his life, it could just as easily have been an officer,” D’Amico said.