​Obama’s Target Dress Seen In Hawaii… Again!​​

First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted twice wearing a Target purchased dress while vacationing in Hawaii.

In December, the known fashion icon and her family were vacationing in the 8th-least extensive state as she confidently wore the pink and black sleeveless arrow outfit.

The Merona creation dress, developed exclusively for Target, is at the top of Obama’s affordable sleeveless dress collection.

“I think she sets a good example that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look great that every regular woman can look great, and stay in shape, and have respect for herself and her family,” one user wrote on the Shine blog.

Mrs. Obama was first seen in the dress with a high belt accessory around her waist. The second time, she changed things up a bit by skipping the belt and adding a light, short-sleeve sweater to cover her shoulders.

“If the FLOTUS is cool with wearing the same dress twice on vacation, we are definitely going to start packing light,” one Shine writer stated. “There’s no need to cram loads of wardrobe options into an overstuffed suitcase when you can look this good over and over again in the same dress.”

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