​Officer Suspended For Giving Child A Ticket For Ball​​

August 22, 2021

Officer Suspended For Giving Child A Ticket - Bad skills? A police officer has been suspended for 15 days for giving a child a ticket. The cititation was issued after the 7-year-old threw a ball that hit his truck.

Officer Cody Chapelle was suspended Friday after an internal investigation determined he had violated police policies on appropriate action, courtesy and duty to report. His lawyer said he will appeal the suspension.

The suspension stems from an incident Oct. 16, 2009, in which the officer wrote a citation to a 7-year-old for third-degree criminal mischief after the boy threw a ball that struck his truck.

Police Chief Robert White wrote that the investigation showed no damage was done to Chapelle’s truck, and the citation was written in an effort to get the boy’s mother to discipline him, which made the charge inappropriate.

“One of our greatest attributes we have as police officers is common sense,” White told AZCentral.com. Chapelle “showed absolutely no common sense.”

Chapelle also was disciplined for violating the policy on courtesy because he yelled at the boy’s mother and told her she was a bad parent. White said the charges against the boy eventually were thrown out of court.