​Officer Teen Machete: CHP Investigates Teen Death Incident With Officer

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December 21, 2021

An officer and teen with a machete story is making headlines in California. The incident happened in Humboldt County after the 17-year-old male driver was involved in an accident, according to the Los Angeles Times. The California Highway Patrol officer responded to the call, which involved a sedan that crashed into a telephone pole.

The teen was completely naked and was asked to accompany police to the rear of the car. That’s when he began the attack by striking the cop on the let arm, hand and face. CHP Capt. Adam Jager said the deputy fell to the ground and began firing an unknown number of bullets at the suspect.

The officer returned to his car, locked his doors and called for backup, and the suspect returned to his car, Jager said. A second officer arrived and witnessed the injured suspect against his car. Police then used a Taser as they attempted to arrest the suspect, Jager said.

“He was not complying with their orders to put his hands behind his back.”

Two good Samaritans who saw the officer and teen incident with a machete helped handcuff the suspect, according to the New York Post. Moments later, paramedics arrived and began administering CPR to the suspect. However, he later died at the scene.

The officer was airlifted to UC Davis Medical Center with very serious injuries. Another officer explained the incident as very difficult. Jagger spoke at a news conference to speak about the officer and the family of the young man.

“This is difficult (about the officer)… It’s terrible. Our hearts go out to the family of this young man.”

This officer and teen with a machete incident comes as the CHP is conducting an internal investigation into the matter, notes KSL. The police department has not released the name of the officer involved. A team of investigators from Humboldt County public agencies are continuing to investigate.

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