​Oklahoma Bodies Found In Lake Cold Cases: Missing Persons Mystery Solved At Foss Lake

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August 11, 2021

Oklahoma Bodies Found In Lake Cold Cases - Two mysteries have been solved after police find a couple of cars and some bones.

According to Examiner, the Oklahoma bodies found in the lake are cold cases dating back to 1969 and 1970. Police found the remains of six adults in two submerged cars. Authorities released the identities of two of the people found in the cars nearly a year after the discovery.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol recovered the vehicles and remains Tuesday have residents near Foss Lake, a reservoir about 110 miles west of Oklahoma City, wondering whether two mysteries — involving disappearances that the town of Sayre never forgot — can finally be put to rest.

Investigators say they believe one car may have belonged to a teenager who disappeared with two friends in 1970, and the other car could be linked to the disappearance of a man in the 1960s who a federal official says was with a sibling and a friend, officials told CNN. The Oklahoma bodies in the lake provided investigators with clues that solved the missing persons cases.

While the Oklahoma bodies found in the lake may be cold cases that were never solved, but it will take some time identifying the remains. Darrell Splawn, a diver with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, was sent down on Tuesday, one week after the sonar located the corroding vehicles with the bodies in the lake. They were right next to each other, at a depth of 12 feet and 50 feet from a marina.

Splawn located an open door in the lake and felt a shoe. The Oklahoma trooper told CNN:

“It didn’t really cross my mind as to a body being there. It could have just been a shoe.”

The Oklahoma bodies found in the lake were seen when the car was brought to shore. Now the Oklahoma Highway Patrol are trying to positively identify the remains, a process that could take years, and try to learn what happened. But so much time has passed in the two cold cases that the son of one missing person is now 85 and struggling with dementia.

According to The Inquisitr, “The positive identities were found after family reference sample DNA was collected from the presumed families and sent to a DNA reference lab.”

Custer County Sheriff Bruce Peoples told KOCO that one of the cars in the lake, the Camaro, may have belonged to 16-year-old Jimmy Williams, a Sayre teenager who disappeared in 1970 with two friends: Thomas Rios and Leah Johnson, both 18.

Rios had just moved to Sayre from Oklahoma City with his mother and stepfather about four months before his disappearance, the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System website said.

Investigators are hopeful that the Oklahoma bodies found in the lake may be cold cases solved. Debbie McManaman said she believes the older car contains the remains of her grandfather, John Alva Porter. Porter, then 69, was traveling in a green Chevy with a sibling, Alrie Porter, and friend Nora Marie Duncan, 58, on April 8, 1969, when they all went missing.