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One World Trade Center Set To Surpass Empire State Building Height

04/27/2012 09:27 AM ET

After construction began in 2006, One World Trade center has sprouted up from the ground and is now set to surpass the height of The Empire State Building as the tallest building in New York.

The roof of the Empire State building stands at 1,250 feet, and the executive director of the New York-New Jersey Port Authority, Patrick Foye said as long as the weather remains good, One World Trade Center’s construction will surpass that within days.

Both buildings have or will have antenna spires on top of them also, The Empire State Buildings antenna reaches another 204 feet into the sky, while the proposed antenna spire on One World Trade Center will be twice that at 408 feet tall.

Construction on The Empire State Building was completed in 1931 after being started in 1929, and was the tallest building in the world for 40 years until the North Tower of the Twin Towers was completed in 1972. One World Trade Center of course replaces the Twin Towers that had remained the tallest buildings in New York, though no longer the world, until the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The height of the roof top of One World Trade Center will be the same as the roof height of the old North Tower, which was actually 4 feet taller than the South Tower.

Construction on One World Trade Center is expected to be complete somewhere between the end of 2013 beginning of 2014, and officials say that 55% of its work space has already been reserved.


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