​Paige Eding: Paige Cries To Father - See Photo​​

Paige Eding has her wedding day as a photographer captures a moment of remembrance. In 2011, the 23-year-old Zeeland bride lost her father unexpectedly, Eding she planned a moment of remembrance during her wedding ceremony.

Photo of Paige Eding

However, she did not feel that was enough of a remembrance. So, she asked her wedding photographer, Kari Wieringa of Zander & Breck Photography, if they could make a stop at her father’s grave site on her wedding day.

“I wanted it captured,” Eding said. “I wanted to have that lasting memory.”

Wieringa was very sympathetic to the request.

“I lost my mom when I was seven,” she said, “so I understand her desire to go do that.”

Wieringa made sure to give Eding her space as she approached her father’s grave.

“It all seemed pretty normal, she looked fine, and so we’re standing there and I’m ready to take pictures, and she just fell,” Wieringa said.

“It was a moment of longing and wishing for him,” Eding said. ‘I was so sad that he wasn’t there physically … but I was also joyous. … Through my family, he still lives inside of each one of us.”

“I didn’t even know she had the camera to her face,” she said. “Everyone else didn’t exist.”

Following the wedding, Wieringa asked Eding’s permission to put the photo on her Facebook page.

“I wanted to share it because it was so moving, and that’s the type of photography I really love. When 7,000 people had seen it I called her and asked, ‘Do you want me to take this photo down?’ It’s such a personal moment … I felt very protective of Paige.”

The photo now has 727,092 likes and close to 37,000 shares.