Paralegal Found Dead: Julia Law Found In Boyfriend’s Bathtub

A paralegal was found dead in the bathtub at her boyfriend’s Philadelphia residence days short of her 27th birthday. Julia Law had been dating prominent lawyer Charles Peruto, Jr. for about six weeks.

“Julia was a beautiful, caring free spirit hippy, who I was blessed to have known. Words can’t express how sad I am to finally have met someone who I believed truly loved me. You should all have someone touch your life, like she did mine. Pray for her. She was an angel,” Peruto said in a statement.

Law’s body was discovered in his condo by a maintenance worker Saturday morning.

She had also been working for Peruto’s firm as a paralegal.

The maintenance worker said he found Law naked and facedown in a bathtub full of water, NBC Philadelphia reported, and he immediately called 911.

Peruto was not at the condo at the time, and investigators say he is not a suspect in Law’s death. The attorney told officials he had given Law a key to his apartment.

Officials have not yet determined a cause of death for Law, but say they are leaning towards ruling out foul play, according to WPVI. Investigators said there were no signs of trauma or struggle.

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