​Paris Explosion Rocks French Capital, Injures 5

Paris Explosion
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Apr. 1, 2016

A Paris explosion rocked the city and devastated the top three floors of a building, injuring five people. The explosion near the Jardin du Luxembourg was accidental and was traced to a fire in Paris that caused a gas stove to blow up.

Witnesses heard the violent explosion in the French capital at around 12:30pm local time, according to Firstpost. Dark smoke was seen billowed over the rooftops near the building on Rue Berite, not far from the Tour Montparnasse.

“We heard a really loud explosion and saw the smoke,” a student at the nearby Ferrandi culinary institute told reporters. The force of the blast blew out some of the prestigious school’s windows, a witness said.

“People were scared, they thought it was a bomb,” said a Ferrandi employee who gave his name only as Samir when talking about the Paris explosion.

The Paris blast may have been triggered by a fire on the ground floor of a neighbouring building. Firefighters had been at the scene for around an hour before the blast, trying to put out the blaze in the building next door.

A witness said he saw a cloud of smoke above the building and thought there was a fire, but then said an almighty explosion shook the whole area. Several firefighters were taken away on stretchers. Two of the five injured are reportedly firefighters.

“I felt my floor shake and heard a loud noise, then it smelled like smoke outside,” Jenna Binion, who lives nearby, said. “There are a lot of people in the streets and I can hear a lot of sirens.”

The Paris explosion comes four months after a deadly terror attack that struck the city in November. At least 153 people are reported dead. The maximum carnage took place at the Bataclan center where at least 120 have been killed.

On March 22, a terror attack was carried out by an Islamic State group in Brussels, Belium. Two places in the airport and one in the city’s metro were attacked.

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