Peter Lanza Vacates Connecticut Home With Family

Peter Lanza, the father of the Sandy Hook Elementary School killer, took his wife, Shelley Cudiner, and fled his Stamford, Connecticut home.

Apparently, the couple thought it would be best if they got out of town after hearing about the meaningless shooting.

The father of Adam Lanza, 20, who is responsible for killing 26 people, and then turning the gun on himself is most likely still trying to wrap his head around the tragic event.

Neighbors of Peter and Shelley told MailOnline that the pair packed up their car and left their affluent home in the Stamford suburb of Westover, Connecticut, shortly after being informed of Adam’s involvement in the massacre on Friday afternoon. It was also claimed that when Peter, who works in financial services, was told of the tragic Sandy Hook gun massacre that his son had committed he became visibly shaken and made frantic phone calls to try to find out what exactly had happened.

Peter’s ex-wife, Nancy, is believed to have been their son’s first victim. She filed for a divorce from Peter on November 24, 2008, and they officially divorced in September 2009. According to reports, the couple’s marriage fell apart due to due to financial problems.

“Peter was informed by a news reporter who was waiting outside his house that his son was involved in the shooting,” said a neighbor who has known Shelley for over a decade.

“After news crews descended on their house, they calmly packed their bags and drove off, and we’ve not seen them since.”

The news reporter who told Lanza that his son had potentially committed one of the worst mass shootings in American history described the moment, he learned the scale of the tragedy in the Stamford Advocate.

“His expression twisted from patient, to surprise to horror,” wrote Maggie Gordon.

“It was obvious that this moment, shortly after 1.30 p.m. Friday, was the first time he had considered his family could be involved. He quickly declined to comment, rolled up the window, parked in the right side of the two-car garage and closed the door.”

The shocked father sat at a table, in the front of his home, speaking on the phone. Once his wife arrived home they drove off and have not been heard from or seen since.

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