​Plane In Connecticut Crash Was Upside Down: Three Crash Victims Missing​​

August 11, 2021

A small plane in Connecticut that made a crash landing near some homes, was found upside. The plane failed to reach a nearby airport. There are three people still missing.

Plane Crash Homes

East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo says the missing include the one person on the aircraft and two children in the house, ages 1 and 13.

“We are doing everything we possible can for the mom who is here with her priest and family,” Maturo said.

The city’s fire chief, Douglas Jackson, says officials “presume there is going to be a very bad outcome.”

“As quick as we could, we did a search and set up a fire suppression, starting knocking down the houses and proceeded with the search of the buildings,” Jackson said. “Unfortunately, we haven’t recovered anybody at this point.”

The Federal Aviation Administration says the multi-engine propeller-driven aircraft flew out of Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and crashed as it approached the Tweed New Haven Airport at 11:25 a.m. Friday.

Officials say two homes caught fire in the crash.

David Esposito, says he heard a woman screaming that her children were inside the burning home. He says he went inside with the woman but had to leave because of the fire.

In images posted on Twitter, flames and smoke could be seen shooting out from between the homes, and what appeared to be a tail of the plane nearby.

The plane “is sitting in a lady’s bedroom,” witness Dennis Karjanis told the Connecticut Post. The fire, he added, was “going like heck,” and thick black smoke filled the sky above the Cape Cod-style homes.

Another witness, Tom Brinley, was watching from his home one block over when the plane — possibly trying to land — lost its power.