​Hockey Player: Snake Bite In Australia​​

A field hockey player dies after tossing a venomous king brown snake over a fence, thinking it was a non-deadly python, from a bite in Australia while cleaning the Marrara Hockey Centre in Darwin.

Player Dies Snake Bite

Karl Berry, 26, had an injury to the hand, but did not realize the bite was poisonous. He proceeded to jog on a 1.2-mile training run, often used by other players, before collapsing. Unfortunately, it only took a few minutes for the snake venom is build in his bloodstream to die.

St. John’s Ambulance operations manager Craig Garraway was quoted as saying Berry was conscious when paramedics arrived. But he took up to 15 minutes to mention the bite. Berry, captain of the Commerce-Pints team, died Wednesday.

“He had gone for a two-kilometre run which pumped the venom around his system much faster,” Garraway said.

It is one of the longest venomous snakes in the world and the second longest in Australia. Despite one of its common names, “king brown,” it is part of the Pseudechis genus.

It was not immediately apparent though what was wrong with the hockey player, and officials have said that it took Berry 15 minutes with paramedics before he even thought to mention the snake bite that he had received earlier in the day.