Pope Francis Lets Boy Explore Stage

Pope Francis was speaking in St. Peter’s Square about the important role grandparents play when a little boy walked up behind him and confidently climbed up and sat down on the pontiff’s white chair.

The Vatican says the pontiff was surrounded by elderly faithful and their grandchildren Saturday night at a rally to encourage family life when the boy came up, wearing a striped shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Acting like an indulgent grandpa, Francis let the boy explore the area undisturbed before tens of thousands of people. The pope smiled while reading his speech as the boy sat in the empty chair, gazed up at him and even at one point clung to the pontiff’s legs.

A little boy couldn’t resist coming up on stage with the pope, and of course, the sweet moment is all caught on camera.

The boy ran up to Pope Francis in front of a crowd of an estimated 150,000 people in Vatican City during an event about families. The pope greets him with a pat on the head. The boy wanders around in front of the podium while the Francis speaks to the crowd.

The pope’s aides and several cardinals tried to persuade the boy away, one even tried to lure him with candy, but that didn’t work either. Instead, the boy waved to the crowd and stood by the pope.

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