​Princess Cristina Suspect In Husband’s Corruption Case​​

Princess Cristina has been named as a suspect in a corruption case involving her husband Inaki Urdangarin. The 47-year-old has been summoned to appear in Spanish courtroom.

Judge Jose Castro said she was a board member of two of her husband Inaki Urdangarin’s companies and that there were indications she was aware he used her name and status in his dealings, from which both benefited.

He said that for the probe to be complete and to show that justice treats all equally she would have to be questioned. 

Urdangarin, and his former business partner, Diego Torres, allegedly funneled about 5 million euros in public funds to companies they controlled. The two ran a non-profit body called the Noos Institute, of which the princess was a board member, through which the funds were allegedly channeled. The Royal Palace refused to comment.

Urdangarin has not been charged with a crime, but is a suspect in the case. He has been questioned twice by Judge Jose Castro since the probe began two years ago. Speculation that the princess could be involved began when Torres reportedly began turning over to the judge copies of emails he exchanged with Urdangarin.

The judge recently set joint bail of 8.2 million euros for Urdangarin and Torres and said the two “ignored the rules of public contracting as long as they achieved their aim, which was no other than to divert public funds for their own benefit or that of others.”

Urdangarin comes from a wealthy Basque family but is not nobility; he became Duke of Palma because Cristina is Duchess of Palma.

Princess Cristina is the youngest of the king’s two daughters and the middle of his three children.