​Princess Diana Afraid of Enemies After Car Tampered With​​

October 20, 2021

Princess Diana was convinced that her car was tampered with after the brakes on her Audi soft-top mysterious failed. One incident occurred when her brake failed in west London, which she took as a warning.

She referred to powerful enemies who were after her as “the men in grey suits” prior to her death.

John Morgan, the royal author claimed in his book “The Assassination of Princess Diana,” stated that she knew something was going on when the brake incident was hushed.

Morgan insisted that Princess Diana feared that there was a plot to kill her and she had also mentioned her fears in notes and phone calls to her lawyers and friends, months before her fatal car accident in central Paris.

According to the book, the brake failure occurred when Diana was driving back to Kensington Palace from a doctor’s appointment in Marylebone in her green Audi in November 1995. She reportedly called her friend Simone Simmons saying that someone had tampered with her brakes and was trying to bump her off. Simon has revealed in the book that as the Princess of Wales approached some traffic lights she put her foot on the brake, but nothing happened and the car kept coasting forward.

Mechanics who checked the car’s brakes claimed the problem was “wear and tear,” but the Princess refused to believe them.

“This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous,” Diana said after being stripped of her HRH status by the Queen “They are planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury…”

Morgan suggested that the enforced expulsion from the Royal Family, and her move to become the public face of the anti-landmine campaign, were destined to have far-reaching consequences the following year.