​Robber Returns Phone And Bus Pass

Staff Reporter
Nov. 30, 2013

Returns Phone Bus Pass - Alleged muggers return victim’s stuff? One mugger returns a cell phone and a bus pass to his victim in Chicago, Illinois.

Sidney Tyson said he used his cane to fight back against the group of five or six robbers around 8:20 p.m. Tuesday near South Shore Drive and 75th Street.

However, the muggers were able to knock him to the ground and take his cell phone and $5 bus pass, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday.

The group then ran off down the street with Tyson following behind until one of the robbers yelled they “had something” for him, according to the Chicago Tribune report. Tyson said he feared more violence.

Tyson said one of the robbers returned after a few minutes and gave him the cell phone and bus pass. “I thought they were coming back to jump on me again,” he said. “I thought maybe they came back with some weapons and they were going to shoot me this time.”

Police said they arrested three suspects a short time later when the same group allegedly attacked a 45-year-old man about a block away from the original attack.

Tyson, who is 63 and from Chicago, Illinois, was taken to South Shore Hospital, where he was treated and released: “I just got a good, old-fashioned butt whuppin’,” he told the newspaper.

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