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Scott Dunn Saved By Fire Barking Dog

11/03/2021 06:23 PM ET

Scott Dunn Fire - Dog dies after saving owner. A Georgia man named, Scott Dunn says he was saved from a house fire thanks to his dog, Duncan, who later perished in the flames.

Still hoarse from smoke inhalation in Marietta, Ga., he is heartbroken after losing his beloved pet of two-and-a-half years. “He was the most lovable-just a wonderful dog,” he said. “Every time I saw him, it was like I hadn’t seen him in years.”

Dunn was asleep Monday night, when he woke at about three in the morning to find smoke “down to the floor” in his home. It was Duncan, a three-year-old boxer, who woke him in time. “He was just pawing at me. I thought he was trying to go out,” he recalled.

Scott says he grabbed his keys and Duncan by his collar as he attempted to leave the house to get to his car. “The minute I opened the door, it was like the house exploded,” he stated. “The flames went from one end of the house to the other.”

In the confusion he didn’t realize that Duncan hadn’t made it out of the house. “I realized I only had his collar in my hand,” Scott said. While he tried to return to the house to rescue Duncan, the heat of the flames him out.

The dog owner said that after the incident, officials found him curled up in his bed, “That’s where he would go when he was scared.”

“I wouldn’t be here talking to you if it wasn’t for him,” he said, his voice breaking.

With his house uninhabitable and the cause of the fire still under investigation, he has been staying with a neighbor. His loss and emotional reaction has touched other animal lovers. Since the news broke, the Cobb County Fire Department has received multiple calls and emails from people asking how they can help Dunn.

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