Silvio Berlusconi Wife Awarded Big In Alimony Case

Silvio Berlusconi is being ordered to pay his second wife, Veronica Lario, $131,000 a day following a three-year legal battle.

The Former Prime Minister of Italy, whose personal fortune is estimated at $4.9 billion, will be paying the former actress almost $40 million a year. She was hoping for the $79 million family villa and close to $330,000 a month. However, she agreed upon receiving $3.3 million a month.

“The judge’s decision announced Friday is the culmination of a three-year divorce ordeal started in 2009 after Lario announced she was leaving Berlusconi because of his taste for young women, following the widely reported 18th birthday party of would-be Neapolitan showgirl Noemi Letizia, which Berlusconi attended, paparazzi in tow,” THR further mentions.

Berlusconi, 76, will be allowed to keep control of his business empire and his villa near Milan.

“He will pay her €36 million ($47.2 million) per year in alimony payments. That works out to be nearly €100,000 ($131,000) per day,” THR writes.

“The final figure is below the €43 million ($56.3 million) per year Lario asked for, but ten times the €3.6 million ($4.7 million) per year Berlusconi offered,” the same media outlet reports.

The judgment said the settlement would allow Miss Lario, 56, who has three children with the former Italian premier, to “live in the manner that she was accustomed to during her marriage.”

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