Swimming In Sweden Is Now Feared Over Raccoon Invasion

By: Cory Perrin
Published: Aug 25, 2021

People in Sweden are fearing a raccoon invasion. Recently there has been an increase in the raccoon population among the Denmark area, which some say will lead to a swimming invasion.

While some may think there is no harm in this, raccoons are known to carry rabies and tapeworms. The people fear they will destroy the wetlands. ” In Finland the large wetlands areas are all but emptied of ground-nesting birds and frogs,” wildlife officer Bertil Nilsson said in a statement to local news.

He went on to say, “They’re (Raccoons) good swimmers. It’s really very serious, they’re spreading very quickly in Denmark.” As a precaution to the increased population cameras have been placed along the Oresund. “We’ve seen from other places that the raccoon is happiest in cities, where food is plentiful. They’re happy to rummage through garbage cans, so it has a big chance of surviving here,” Nilsson continued.

Raccoons are not indigenous to northern Europe, but are considered an invasive species. It all began after four raccoons were set free by Herman Göring in 1930’s Germany proliferated into the country’s current figure of over one million animals. Nilsson did make it clear that the people do like raccoons, they just don’t want them to overpopulate the other animals and surrounding waters.

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