​Tsarnaev Burial Upsets Virginia Islamic Community​​

Tamerlan Tsarnaev might be dead but his burial has upset an Islamic community in Virginia after it emerged that the Boston bombing suspect was secretly laid to rest at a nearby cemetery.

An imam said an uproar has started among local Muslims who have to share the same graveyard for their loved ones where Tsarnaev is buried.

His body was interred on Thursday after protests at the Massachusetts funeral home where it was kept.

Officials fear the site might become a shrine for anti-US sympathizers.

The deceased 26-year-old and his younger brother Dzhokhar, 19, are suspected over the blasts that left three people dead and 264 injured at the finish line of the city’s marathon on 15 April.

Tsarnaev was interred at a small Islamic cemetery in a rural area just north of the state capital, Richmond.

His burial follows a long search for a community that would accept the body, after several states rejected his remains.

Imam Ammar Amonette, of the Islamic Center of Virginia, said the move made “no sense whatsoever.”

“The whole Muslim community here is furious,” he said. “Frankly, we are furious that we were never given any information. It was all done secretly behind our backs.”

“Now everybody who’s buried in that cemetery, their loved ones are going to have to go to that place.”

County and state officials say they were not told of the burial in advance, although that is not required.

Floyd Thomas, chairman of the board of supervisors for Caroline County, told CNN that if any protocols had been flouted in the burial, “we would look into undoing what happened.”

Martha Mullen, a private citizen of Richmond, is credited with having co-ordinated efforts behind the scenes to resolve the problem of where to bury Tsarnaev.

“It was an interfaith effort,” she told the Associated Press. “Basically because Jesus says love your enemies.”

Massachusetts police said on Thursday: “As a result of our public appeal for help, a courageous and compassionate individual came forward to provide the assistance needed to properly bury the deceased.”

A vehicle believed to be carrying Tsarnaev’s body, was spotted outside a Massachusetts funeral home on Thursday

Preparations are believed to have been made by Ruslan Tsarni, the suspect’s uncle, after Tsarnaev’s widow, Katherine Russell, released the body to her in-laws.