Taxi Drivers Killed In Mexico By Ex Employee And Others

A group of four gunmen in Monterrey, Mexico, one of which was an ex-cab company employee went on a shooting spree, killing several taxi drivers on Tuesday.

One of the gunmen that fired upon drivers at the taxi company, killing 5 of them in the first attack, was said to be a former employee that was fired after being accused of selling drugs. The man had reportedly became upset and threatened other employees after the firing.

The second attack happened minutes later a few blocks away, involving three shooters who killed three more taxi drivers and injured innocent bystanders, one an eight year old girl.

All the taxi drivers that were killed where said to be operating cabs with out a permit.

Mexico’s drug cartel’s often have taxi drivers hired in order to be spies and lookouts and often run errand’s for cartel leaders.

While police at the scene could not immediately say what the motivation was for the murders, the attacks “bore the signs of a gangland killing,” according to Reuters. The gangland style killings are a signature of Mexico’s drug cartels.

According to the Rueters report, the governor’s office in Monterey says that in the first 3 months of 2012 there has already been 516 murders in the city, making it one of the biggest murder capitols in the world.

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