​Teen Hit By Softball Dies In Gym At School​​

A California teen dies after being hit in the chest by a softball during gym class. Taylor Dorman, 16, complained of chest pain after being struck by the softball and then he collapsed.

Dorman was playing “Over the Line,” an improvised softball game, during gym class Wednesday when he was struck in the chest with a ball, Ramona High School Principal Tony Newman said.

“After being hit Taylor complained of his chest hurting then he collapsed,” he added.

Fellow students told KFMB-TV, San Diego, that Dorman continued playing the game and seemed fine for about 20 minutes, even joking with the student who had hit the ball at him before collapsing.

The teen was flown by helicopter to Palomar Medical Center in Escondido where he later died. The cause of his death has not been reported.

Ramona High School is offering grief counseling to their students. The schools website states, “Students who need support and counseling in the aftermath of the loss of Taylor can request to go to the counseling office throughout the day. Our counseling staff is available to help.”