​Texts Encouraged Suicide: Police Allege Girlfriend Encouraged Boyfriend To Commit Suicide

Author: Rob AdamsBy:
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Mar. 5, 2015

Texts encouraged suicide, according to police as they review a friendship between Michelle Carter Conrad Roy III. Since the suicide, Carter now faces involuntary manslaughter charges for the death of Roy. Police say the high school teenager is accused of encouraging her friend to take his own life, according to CBS News. Investigators say the death may have been prevented.

Conrad Roy III killed himself in his grandfather’s F250 pickup truck last July. Police found a gas water pump in the back seat with the power switch in the ‘on’ position. It was parked near a K-Mart in Fairhaven.

Texts To Friend Detailed Depression

According to police records, a friend indicated Roy wrote her long notes about depression and suicidal thoughts and said, “my negative thoughts are eating me alive.”

Conrad Roy III was a baseball player and rower who studied hard, but his family worried about him.

“We thought he was actually pulling out of it. We thought maybe it was more hopeful. ‘Cause he hadn’t been depressed for a few years,” said Roy’s grandmother, Janice Roy.

Girlfriend Encouraged Conrad Roy To Kill Self

Police found texts that encouraged suicide written to Roy by the 18-year-old, who has described herself as his girlfriend.

After Roy’s death, police said Michelle Carter, a senior at King Philip High School, started a fund to raise money for mental illness. She was indicted by a grand jury three weeks ago and then was arrested and arraigned.

“Miss Carter is alleged to have strongly influenced his decision to take his own life, encouraged him to commit suicide, and guided him in his engagement of activities which led to his death,” said Gregg Miliote, a spokesman for the Bristol County DA.

Records indicated Michelle Carter texted with Conrad Roy III during his suicide and spoke with him on the phone, according to The Inquisitr. At one point when Roy texted he was scared to end it all and left the pickup, she reportedly told him to “get back in” as the texts encouraged suicide.

“How anybody could be that low,” said Roy’s grandfather, Conrad Roy Sr. He owns seven tug boats and said he was proud of Conrad, who got his captain’s license at 18.

“To know there was a chance that he could have, you know, pulled out of this? And she said get back in the truck? I mean, you know, that is just unbelievable,” he said.

The documents indicated Carter sent a message to a friend, stating saying she sent texts that encouraged suicide by urging Roy to go through with his plan because if he didn’t, she worried “he would do it all over again.”

“I’m angry but it’s just bringing things back again and it’s really hard,” said Janice Roy.

Suicide Fundraiser Motive

Carter hosted a fundraiser after Conrad Roy III’s suicide and posted photos, but Roy’s best friend told police he thought she just wanted attention.

Now, police have hundreds of emails, including those that Carter sent to friends where she expressed regret and said she was afraid she might be arrested, notes Examiner.

When police found the texts that encouraged suicide, Carter was arrested. She is now free on $2,500 cash bail.

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