The Weather Channel Hurricane Sandy Update For Storm

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
10/29/2012 05:51 PM ET

The Weather Channel Hurricane Sandy : Update - Meteorologists continue to monitor Hurricane Sandy on the Weather Channel for the third straight day. The superstorm is currently moving towards the north and will soon make landfall. The storm is expected to affect some 50 million people.

The network is planning to live-stream its television coverage online so people in the eastern United States who lose power can keep up with the news on their mobile devices. The storm is expected to affect some 50 million people.

“We want you to know we are not hyping this storm, OK?” on-air meteorologist Vivian Brown said. “We don’t do that at The Weather Channel because we want you to be alert and aware.”

Other television networks mixed news of Hurricane Sandy with stories like the presidential campaign. In New York, the local CBS outlet ran a split screen with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivering a storm briefing Sunday afternoon and the New York Jets’ game against the Miami Dolphins.

But Hurricane Sandy, which is mixing with other weather systems to create a storm of unprecedented strength in the region, kept the undivided attention of The Weather Channel.

The network’s Julie Martin, stationed on a beach in Nags Head, N.C., looked increasingly weary of the wind and rain as she described the storm’s staying power in a series of live reports.

Meteorologist Jim Cantore, the network’s most visible personality, said it was unlike anything he’d ever seen or covered. He had to take a brief break from his live reports from New York’s Battery Park City to move his belongings because his hotel had been evacuated; his publicist’s apartment was also in the evacuation zone.

Bryan Norcross, the network’s senior hurricane specialist, explained in an interview that the network tries to keep its tone serious yet urgent. The network’s computer models have been consistent in their forecasts of the storm and it has been acting as anticipated, perhaps with even more strength.

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The Weather Channel Hurricane Sandy Update For Storm

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