​Tiger Zoo Escape Creates Panic Among Tourists, Sightings​​

June 2, 2021

A Royal Bengal tiger at the Nandankanan Zoo made an escape Friday night, creating panic for tourists and staff as another night falls without any sighting of the wild animal.

“The wild tiger which was kept in the tiger enclosure, has managed to escape last night and the reason are yet to be ascertain. A probe has been ordered into this matter and if anyone found guilty will not be spared,” said JD Sharma, PCCF, Wildlife. There is no reason to be panicked for tourists, added Sharma.

In a similar incident, a Royal Bengal tigress had jumped into a tiger enclosure attracted by a male’s mating call in January 1967. 

The big cat had created panic among the visitors and staffs by roaming around the tiger safari in the zoo for nearly one and half months. Finally after week long efforts authorities were succeeded to gill the tiger on April 29.

This incident came at a time when officials of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) arrived here today. Though the NTCA officials went to visit the Satakosia Tiger Reserve but it still this incident has created an embarrassing situation for Nandankanan Zoo authority. 

The final decision is pending on the NTCA regarding where to left this big cate, in the zoo or at its natural habitat.

Sources in the zoo said after hard work for nearly week the strayed tiger was shifted to enclosure no-32 (C) spread over 3850 square feet area, attached to the enclosure Sara, a female tigress on Friday. The tiger was roaming around the enclosure of Sara, indicating its urge to mate. While everything was well, animal keeprs came to their toe after they failed to find the wild tiger in its enclosure. Officials suspects it might jumps off the 18 feet fences.

Pleading anonymity an official said last night the tiger was captured at 9.05 pm by first high-resolution camera, installed to monitor its movement. Then for the last time the big cat seen in the second camera at 11.22 pm. Its escape was confirmed after the pug marks on the surface near the fences and some hair samples were collected from the iron fences, the official added.