​Traffic Stop Birth: Officers Deliver Baby​​

By: | 06/30/2013 10:58 AM ET

Milwaukee police were attempting a traffic stop on Wednesday night and found a woman ready to give birth. The officers then assisted with the birth of a baby girl during the stop because the couple were on their way to the hospital when she went into labor.

Officer Xavier Benitez and Adam Bradley thought they had a drunk on their hands as they gave chase to a speeding car.

“We saw a red car just blowing through the red lights, blaring its horn,” Benitez said. “It took us like, 50 miles-an-hour to catch him in a two-block radius,” Bradley added.

When the officers approached the vehicle, they were a bit confused about what was happening.

“As I approached, I saw she was actually giving birth. The head was fully crowned and everything. At that point, I yelled across to my partner, ‘we’re having a baby!’” Benitez said.

Two minutes later officer Benitez was holding a baby girl.

“I was basically playing the catcher, and Isabella came out. I immediately tried to clear the airways and remove the umbilical cord. My partner’s assisting, flicking on the feet to get a response,” Benitez said.

Mother and baby are both doing well.