Twin Astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly to Orbit for Eight Days In Space

Twin Astronauts

Twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly to orbit for eight days in space. Scott Kelly arrived at the International Space Station and will meet up with brother Mark for NASA’s final space shuttle Endeavour flight. The twin brother astronauts will work in orbit for eight days on the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer project.

So it may not be surprising that the twin jokes were flying Saturday night to mark one of the Kelly brothers’ spaceflight. The American brothers pretended to pull a cosmic switcheroo in their space missions. Scott arrived at the International Space Station late Saturday along with two cosmonauts aboard a Russian Soyuz TMA-01M spacecraft.

Mark Kelly is on Earth. He is older than Scott by six minutes. He and Scott are the world’s first astronaut twins and expect to meet up in space in March 2011, when their two space missions will coincide during NASA’s final flight of the space shuttle Endeavour.

“Hey Mark, this is Scott. Six months is a long time in space, so thanks for switching spots with me,” Mark said. “Just hope I can remember how to fly that space shuttle!” Scott replied with a smile, “That is pretty funny.” Scott Kelly will take command of the interntaional space station in November to lead the outpost’s Expedition 26 crew.