Van Crashes At Bronx Zoo Killing All Seven Passengers


A van traveling at least 70 mph crashes after it flipped over a fence and bouncing off a median wall along the Bronx River Parkway in New York City this past weekend between 50 and 100 feet on the grounds of the Bronx Zoo, killing all seven passengers, according to the New York Post.

Maria Gonzalez, 45, had been driving her family, which included her father 85, mother 81, her daughter 10, sister 39, and two nieces 3 and 7, in her 2004 Honda Pilot to a nearby family party when she lost control and crossed several lanes of the highway, hitting the curb at a high rate of speed becoming airborne over a four-foot fence and dropping down the deep ravine.

Police say the part of the Bronx Zoo the van ended up in was a tram yard and no other people or animals were in the area.

“I’ve been in the fire department 30 years,” FDNY deputy Chief Ronald Werner said. “Sometimes you come upon events that are horrific and this is one of them.”

Juan Gonzalez, husband to Maria and father of their 10-year-old daughter said he no longer wanted to live after losing his entire family. “I lost my family. What can I say? I don’t want to be here. I want to die,” He told The New York Post.

Police were still trying to figure out what caused Maria to lose control of the vehicle as of Monday. A city official said there would be an investigation launched surrounding the safety of the highway and its 4-foot iron guardrail and fence. Last year, an SUV also lost control and went over the fence near the same area of the highway and fell 20 feet on to another vehicle in a parking lot.

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