Von I. Meyer Charged After Threatening Elementary School

Von I. Meyer was arrested on Saturday after threatening to kill people at a school, but the Cedar Lake, Indiana police believe he was bluffing, even though 47 guns were found throughout his home.

Police Chief, Jerry Smith, said that they believed Meyer, 60, was just bluffing when he threatened his wife Friday morning to go to the local elementary school and “kill as many people as he could.” However, they took every precaution possible.

Ironically Meyer made his threat before the horrific events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary, when a gunman killed 20 students and 6 adults.

According to Smith, Meyer had been arguing with his wife, who works in the cafeteria at the Jane Ball Elementary School, that morning and made the threat to kill people at the school after threatening to set her on fire while she slept. Later in the argument he said that instead he would go to the school while she was working and kill her as well “as many people as he could before police could stop him.”

Meyer’s wife said she decided to not to go to work that day after her husband made the threat, and she called police. She told police that her relationship was very turbulent and that her husband often threatened her life. The couple live just 1000 feet from the elementary school. After being alerted of the threat police stepped up security at Jane Ball Elementry, as well as three other area schools just as a precaution.

“We just didn’t want to take any chances,” Smith said of the extra security at the schools.

Meyer had gone into hiding in a nearby wooded area after his wife called police and was arrested on Saturday when he returned to the home that was under surveillance. Smith said after a search of the Meyer’s home, 47 different guns, mostly antiques, were found hidden throughout the home as well as ammunition.

“If people followed through on all the threats they’ve ever made — things said in anger that they don’t really mean and regret — our population in this country would be half of what it is,” Smith said. “This was something he said in the heat of an argument. He hadn’t been plotting this.”

Meyer was charged with felony intimidation, resisting law enforcement and domestic battery charges and as of Sunday remained in jail without bond.

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