​Woman Wins $40m, Not $40k: What A Surprise​​

By: | 04/12/2021 09:31 AM ET

A lotto max ticket winner, who thought she won $40k, was surprised when she wins $40m. Meet Toronto resident Maria Carreiro, who sang and danced for reporters after receiving her check.

“Thank you Lord, thank you Lord!” Carreiro, 51, sang to reporters.

The grandmother and Portuguese immigrant learned of her win on Saturday.

“I went home and I told my daughter, ‘Oh, I won $40,000! I won $40,000!’” Carreiro said in a statement.

Carreiro’s daughter searched online for the jackpot and discovered it actually totalled $40 million.

“I run down the street like a crazy woman and check the lottery ticket and it says $40 million,” Carreiro told reporters. “I go, ‘Oh my God.’”

Carreiro plans to share her winnings with her three children and five grandchildren. Two of her daughters, who are single mothers, can expect new homes and cars. Additionally, Carreiro wants to take her husband on a trip back to her native Portugal.

“It still hasn’t sank in,” one daughter, Manuela Carreiro, said in the video. “My father works so hard and we’ve been struggling so much.”

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