​Women Fined $100 Over Trash Can​​

September 12, 2021

Not only was an 83 year old New York women fined 100 dollars for using a trash can, but she was threatened with arrest. A Sanitation Department agent cited and threatened Darbe Pitofsky, for putting old newspapers in a city trash can. Pitofsky said the worker demanded her identification to write a summons and threatened to “put her away” if she did not quickly comply.

“I froze,” Pitofsky said. “He just frightened the hell out of me, scared me to death, I was terrified.” Pitofsky said the agent wrote her a $100 ticket after 25 minutes and threatened to increase it to $300 when she complained about the amount.

Pitofsky, said she was leaving her apartment in the early morning and dumped a bag full of newspapers into a nearby can, when the sanitation agent came running up to her demanding she admit to the offence According to the Sanitation Department, street cans are for pedestrian use only. The cans are marked with stickers reading “no household trash” or “no business trash” and warnings about $100 fines for violations.

When Pitofsky admitted she had deposited her trash in the can, the agent reportedly went nuts. Disrespect a trash can, and you disrespect a Sanitation agent. According to Pitofsky, the man began to yell, “You know you can’t do that! Give me your ID! Give me your ID or I’m going to bring you in!”

Pitofsky said she told the agent her i.d. was in her apartment. The agent then followed her all the way to her door till she showed him i.d. and wrote the ticket. When she complained about the fine he said, “You want me to make it 300!” Pitofsky said she has filed a complaint with the city.