Women At Plant Violate Code, Laws Ignored In Iran

Women from Russia who are working at Iran’s nuclear power plant continue to violate the country’s strict Islamic dress code in the port of Bushehr.

In fact, the country is paying the workers extra to comply with the law since they must cover themselves from head to toe while in public.

Mahdi Mousavinejad, a representative of the southern Iranian port of Bushehr, where the plant is located, as saying violation of the dress code by the Russian workers has had a “corrupting and negative impact” on his constituency.

Bushehr is located in a vast plain running along the coastal region on the Persian Gulf coast of southwestern Iran and is the chief seaport of the country, which is located about 750 miles south of Tehran.

The nuclear power plant itself was partially completed before it was bombed during the Iran-Iraq war in 1988. When Germany, the initial backer of the plant, declined to complete it after the war, Iran tried to secure aid from other countries. In 1995, however, Russia signed an agreement to finish the plant.

Mousavinejad says he will report on the case to the Iranian parliament. He did not say how many women were involved or how much they were paid.

Russia says it will hand over the plant to Iranian engineers in mid-2013.

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