Worker Dives Into Nitric Acid To Save Friend

By: | 05/12/2021 08:54 AM ET

A man in Clifton, New Jersey decided to dive into a vat of 40 to 70 percent nitric acid to save a co-worker and friend who had fallen into it.

Worker Dives Acid

Mark Davis, 44, had been working on the roof of Swepco Tube LLC, Monday morning, when it gave way, and he fell about 40 feet right into a large vat of acid used to clean metal tubing. Rob Nuckois, 51, was working on the ground floor when he saw his friend and co-worker fall through the roof into the tank.

Nuckois, who saw his friend in trouble jumped into the waist deep vat of acid to save his friend. He told firefighters that, “I had to get him out of there.”

Three other co-workers standing outside of the tank helped pull Davis out of the tank. Rescue workers cut Davis out of his clothes and doused him with water to limit any further burning. He was then airlifted to the hospital were he remains in crucial condition with burns to his legs and side and also has a broken rib and punctured lung that he sustained in the fall.

Davis’s brother, Martin Davis said, “They have him on a breathing apparatus, and he’s in critical condition. His condition is not so good. But he’s a young guy. He’ll pull through.”

Meanwhile, Fire Chief Vincent Colavatti, Jr called the actions of Nuckois brave. “It takes a lot of courage. He saw one of his coworkers in trouble, and he jumped in after him,” Colavatti, Jr said.

After Davis was pulled out of the acid, Nuckois sprayed himself off, and did go to the hospital to have some burns treated but was later released.

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