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Essential News|Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Anna Smith Found Note
Rob Adams

Anna Smith investigators found note that may suggest that the Appalachian State University freshman committed suicide. According to Examiner, Smith was found in a heavily wooded area on Saturday by a couple near the Appalachian State University campus. A statement […]

Islamic State
Jennifer Hong

Islamic State extremists are the target of new airstrikes in Iraq by the United States, and defense officials warn that it’s only the beginning. According to The Christian Science Monitor, the ISIS State is believed to be producing between 25,000 […]

RV Driver Killed Speedway
Michael Stevens

An RV driver was killed on a speedway while racing against a school bus during a race in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. According to The Spreadit, the RV rolled over and was hit by a school bus that failed to stop […]

Ryan Watenpaugh Dog
Mary Smith

Ryan Watenpaugh fed dog meat to his estranged California girlfriend as a meal, although she had no idea what she ate. According to Examiner, the 34-year-old Watenpaugh claims it’s all a prank. But his former girlfriend isn’t laughing — she […]

Chantae Gilman Seattle
Kara Gilmour

Chantae Gilman of Seattle is accused of raping her neighbor while he slept after a birthday party and police have all the evidence. According to Examiner, a Seattle woman remains in jail on one count of second-degree rape after DNA […]

Kathy Griffin Late Night
John Lester

Kathy Griffin says Late Night TV is dominated by middle-aged white men and is disappointed in CBS’ recent announcement. According to Examiner, Griffin has revealed that she was told point blank by a TV executive that females won’t be considered […]