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Essential News|Wednesday, April 1, 2015
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$1.6M Home Uninhabitable
Rob Adams

$1.6M home becomes uninhabitable due to cracks. A man in New Jersey who thought he was building his dream home ended up with a worthless pile of bricks he says has cost him his happiness and all his money. Humayun […]

Justin Guarini Dr. Pepper
Michael Stevens

Justin Guarini Dr. Pepper – Justin Guarini stars in a new Dr. Pepper commercial, but it might cause you to look twice. From the start, it’s just your normal soda ad that features a few employees in the work break […]

Son $7 Million Lottery Ticket
Kara Gilmour

Son $7 Million Lottery Ticket – Joe Amorese became a millionaire after opening a get-well card sent by his father. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened the card and found the winning prize from playing a simple scratch-off […]

68 Years Apart
John Lester

68 years apart may seem a lifetime for most people, but Frank Gray and Ada Hatch’s love story began in 1946. That’s when the two first locked eyes at church camp, and Hatch said they knew they had something special, […]

Maisie Williams Grandma
Jennifer Hong

Maisie Williams gets her grandma drunk to watch the Game of Thrones, in large part because of the rampant nudity seen on HBO, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The actress and her mother devised a system to help things go […]

Christ Apparition Landslide
Rob Adams

A Christ apparition landslide has prompted hundreds of believers to gather near a hillside in Colombia. The discovery was made in the San Francisco area of Putumayo, Colombia, on Saturday, according to Daily Mail. Police have had to be called […]