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Essential News|Friday, October 31, 2014
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North Korean Officials Executed
Jennifer Hong

The North Korean officials executed include 10 party members for watching soap operas, bringing the total to 50, on the order of dictator Kim Jong-Un. Pirate copies of television programs are widely available and traded on the black market, according […]

DHS Increases Security
Susan Harris

The DHS increases security for more than 9,500 federal government buildings and their 1.4 million daily visitors due to terrorist threats. The announcement was made by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, according to FOX News. He said the Federal Protective […]

12,000 Light Halloween Home
Rob Adams

A 12,000 light Halloween home was shut down by police in Southern California, and the home owner says he is disappointed. Kevin Judd, the architect of the synchronized music show, said police told him that he was violating the municipal […]

Chinese General Admits Bribes
Michael Stevens

A Chinese general admits bribes to approve projects as an economic planner who took in millions of dollars. Xu Caihou reveals the biggest corruption scandal to hit the People’s Liberation Army, according to the Times Of India. The retired general […]

Officer Returns $120,000
Mary Smith

An officer returns $120,000 to its rightful owner in California after spotting a large bank deposit bag lying on the road. The person is being hailed a hero after returning a large amount of money to its rightful owner, according […]

Red Mesa Navajo High School Moniker
Michael Stevens

The Red Mesa Navajo High School moniker erupted Friday night as fans yelled “Let’s go, Redskins!” amid a national debate. The nation’s largest Native American reservation is promoting it’s Redskins moniker at its Arizona high school, according to the Washington […]