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Essential News|Thursday, March 5, 2015
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Miami Gardens Police Chief
Jennifer Hong

The Miami Gardens police chief was arrested on Friday night for the solicitation of a prostitute. Chief Stephen Johnson was arrested in Dania Beach at around 7 p.m. after allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover Broward Sheriff’s deputy posing as […]

Mayra Rosales Loses 800 Pounds
Rob Adams

Mayra Rosales loses 800 pounds after making a change in her tragic life, one which kept her in a room most of the time. She is the same woman who claimed to have killed her 2-year-old nephew by accidentally sitting […]

Texts Encouraged Suicide
Rob Adams

Texts encouraged suicide, according to police as they review a friendship between Michelle Carter Conrad Roy III. Since the suicide, Carter now faces involuntary manslaughter charges for the death of Roy. Police say the high school teenager is accused of […]

Jose Angel Barajas-Mireles
Michael Stevens

Jose Angel Barajas-Mireles was arrested in Santa Rosa with two other people for holding a woman hostage and sexually assaulting her inside a home for several weeks. 52-year-old Jaime Gomez Cisneros of Watsonville and 34-year-old Guillermo Crestino Avina were also […]

Vanessa Hudgens New Zealand
Mary Smith

Vanessa Hudgens posted a picture of herself in New Zealand during her recent vacation. Hudgens is seen wearing a bikini as she swims in an area north of the capital, according to Star Pulse. But before she returns to work, […]

Kidnapped Baby Found
Kara Gilmour

A kidnapped baby has been found after she disappeared 17 years ago in Cape Town, South Africa. The baby, kidnapped almost two decades ago, appeared in court to face the people she used to call her parents. The stolen girl’s […]