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Essential News|Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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European Honeybee Virus
Kara Gilmour

A European honeybee virus is spreading through transportation as pollination appears to be driving the pandemic. The virus is so deadly that it now threatens bees worldwide, according to The Daily Mail. UK researchers from the University of Exeter have […]

Ghost Passengers In Japan
John Lester

‘Ghost passengers’ in Japan are being reported by several taxi drivers in the town of Ishinomaki. Passengers in the Northern region of the country are hitching a ride from drivers with an unusual destination, according to FOX News. A few […]

Gold Bar Lake
John Lester

A gold bar in a lake found by a teenage girl in Germany is worth $18,000. The gold was found by the girl while swimming near the shore of Bavaria’s Koenigssee late last August, and now she will be able […]

Adele Donald Trump
Rob Adams

Adele says Donald Trump has been playing my music to fire up his supporters at rallies. Adele wants his fans to know she never gave the billionaire permission to use her songs at political arenas across the country throughout his […]

Ben Carson Ted Cruz
Michael Stevens

Ben Carson accuses Ted Cruz of spreading false rumors during the Iowa caucuses claiming the retired neurosurgeon was suspending his bid for president, in a coordinated effort to seal Cruz’s victory Monday night, according to The Huffington Post. A Carson […]

Father Son Ice
Michael Stevens

A father and son ice incident prompted a search and rescue team looking for two individuals. Two people fell into the ice and were found dead by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office dive team, according to FOX News. David Michael […]