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Essential News|Friday, May 6, 2016
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Tennis ball Size Diamond
Michael Stevens

A ‘Tennis ball’ size diamond, a 1,109-carat gem-quality stone, will fetch for more than $70 million at an auction scheduled for June 29. A Vancouver-based company’s shares rallied after Sotheby’s estimated the biggest diamond unearthed in over a century. Lucara […]

Finnish Boy Facebook
Kara Gilmour

A Finnish boy received a Facebook bug bounty reward, although he’ll have to wait three years before he’s old enough to humblebrag about it on the social media platform. Ten-year-old Jani, whose last name isn’t being shared at the request […]

Pennsylvania Speed Limit 70
John Lester

Pennsylvania speed limit may be going up to 70 mph on nearly 1,000 miles of highway once transportation crews complete work they began this week posting signs with the new speed limit. State transportation officials said Monday the 70 mph […]

Anonymous Attack Banks
John Lester

Anonymous attack’s banks in a successful campaign in Greece, and the hacking collective group has more on the way. According to an unidentified official, the Bank of Greece website was attacked and not working as members of Anonymous were able […]

Man Bitten By Cobra
Jennifer Hong

A man bitten by a cobra called 911 and calmly told dispatchers that he was going to an Orange County hospital in North Carolina for treatment. The bite from the king cobra caused the man to suffer blurry vision and […]

EU Turkey Deal
Rob Adams

An EU Turkey deal now has the support to a visa-free for citizens who want to travel back and forth after Ankara threatened to back out of a landmark migration agreement. The deal is proposed to lift Turkey visa requirements […]