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Essential News|Wednesday, July 29, 2015
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Chris Young Miranda Lambert
Kara Gilmour

Chris Young and Miranda Lambert both denied that the two were having an affair that led to her divorce from Blake Shelton. The country singer also denied being a factor in the couple’s split, according to People. Young, 30, was […]

Rooftop Bar Death
John Lester

A rooftop bar has reopened after the death of one if its patrons’ Monday evening, a night that most people working at the establishment will always remember. Faigy Mayer leapt from the top of a New York City high-rise while […]

Lil Wayne Jet
Jennifer Hong

Lil Wayne was kicked off a private jet after reportedly lighting a marijuana joint onboard about 17 minutes after takeoff. The pilot turned the plane around and kicked the rapper and his entourage off the private flight, according to TMZ. […]

Rikki Rockett Divorce
Rob Adams

Rikki Rockett has filed for divorce to end his marriage, and has requested they stick to the spousal support payments outlined in their prenuptial agreement. The Poison drummer has been married to wife Melanie Martel for 7 years, according to […]

Amy Schumer Star Wars Inappropriate
Michael Stevens

Amy Schumer’s Star Wars parody was inappropriate to film producers and fans after it appeared on the front cover of GQ magazine. The comedian is in trouble with Disney and Lucasfilm over the shoot, according to US Magazine. Schemer, 34, […]

Jamie Lee Curtis Incognito
Michael Stevens

Jamie Lee Curtis went incognito as she attended fight-game tournament extravaganza Evo 2015 in Las Vegas this weekend. She was actually dressed as Vega from Street Fighter with hubby Christopher Guest and their two kids. Curtis, 56, and her family […]