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Essential News|Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Big Rig Miller High Life Stolen
Mary Smith

A big rig Miller High Life was stolen Tuesday from an Orange County truck stop in Orlando, Florida. The stolen truck caused the driver to break down in tears while talking about the missing beer, according to Examiner. The victim’s […]

World's 10 Worst Airports
Kara Gilmour

The world’s 10 worst airports is a list that seems to change every year, so it should be no surprise on which terminal took the top spot. The Benazir Bhutto International airport in Pakistan tops the list, according to a […]

3 Ebola Travelers Fly Monthly
John Lester

It takes only 3 Ebola travelers to fly monthly on an international flight in West Africa to potentially spread the deadly virus to other countries. Ebola researchers at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research used a model to predict their […]

Albino Buck 11-Year-Old
Jennifer Hong

An albino buck shot by 11-year-old Gavin Dingman of Oceola Township, Michigan has upset several animal rights groups. The deer was shot by the boy using a simple crossbow. The boy and his family spotted the animal several times, but […]

Mike Hubbard
Susan Harris

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard has been arrested on felony charges just weeks before the Nov. 4 election. The House Speaker has been widely favored for re-election. Mark White, his attorney, says the charges accuse him of several ethics violations. […]

Biggest Spider
Rob Adams

The biggest spider in the world is the site of a small puppy and is a hairy tarantula from the goliath bird-eating species. This thing is everything you could imagine as a creepy 8-legged species. It’s huge, but don’t let […]