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Essential News|Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Arturo Polar Bear
Rob Adams

Arturo, a polar bear at the Mendoza Zoo, has been showing signs of stress and depression, which has prompted animal rights activists to move the 28-year-old bear to a wildlife park that specializes in the species. However, zoo director Gustavo […]

Bieber Disneyland Lines
Jennifer Hong

Justin Bieber was photographed at Disneyland to cut the lines. This is an interesting way for Bieber to be wheeled to the front at the amusement rides. The “Boyfriend” singer looked great in his new ride since he allowed someone […]

Richard Gere Brunette
Michael Stevens

Richard Gere was seen holding hands with a brunette at dinner who was not Padma Lakshmi, the lady Gere has been dating for the last few months. The actor was seen with the anonymous woman last Friday. However, friends insist […]

Tiger Woods Tipping
Mary Smith

Tiger Woods has a tipping problem when it comes to waiters and valet drivers. Rick Reilly was on the Conan O’Brien show to promote his new book, “Tiger, Meet My Sister…And Other Things I Probably Shouldn’t Have Said.” We found […]

Melissa Bowerman Arrested
Kara Gilmour

Melissa Bowerman was arrested on sex abuse allegations involving a 17-year-old boy. She is the daughter-in-law of Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman and a track and field coach at Madras High School. Police say she was arrested Monday. State police got […]

Jacqui Lambie
John Lester

Senator Jacqui Lambie revealed on radio this morning that she was looking for a man, but that she required him to be wealthy and well-endowed. Lambie spoke with hosts Kim and Dave’s from Heart FM, which prompted a phone call […]

Jennifer Hong

China’s food scandal spreads to Starbucks, Burger King, McDonald’s, and other chains. The food scandal is at the heart of Aurora-based meat supplier OSI Group, which supplies beef, pork and poultry to a variety of chains around the world. The […]