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Essential News|Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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Justin Bieber Knight Rider
Mary Smith

Justin Bieber Knight Rider music video will feature David Hasselhoff and the famous KITT car from the 1982 TV series. This is a new project for Bieber and Hasselhoff seems to enjoy the ride. It’s been a few decades since […]

Anna Kendrick Leak
Kara Gilmour

An Anna Kendrick leak of compromising photos only adds the latest report of hacking Hollywood celebrities and publishing their racy pictures online. According to News Max, Kendrick had all of her clothes on, unlike many others celebrities who were compromised. […]

Realtor Missing
John Lester

A realtor missing in Little Rock, Arkansas has prompted an arrest warrant for Aaron Lewis who is considered a person of interest. The realtor, Beverly Carter, disappeared Thursday night after she never returned from showing a home. Lewis is considered […]

Joseline Hernandez
Jennifer Hong

Joseline Hernandez reportedly left the BET Hip Hop Awards in tears as the show was taped in Atlanta last week. According to witnesses in attendance, Hernandez didn’t like the spotlight she received at her own expense, which is quite different […]

Cat Zingano
Bill Waters

Cat Zingano will face Ronda Rousey in January at UFC 182, and it’s a dream match she’s been hoping for. According to Yahoo Sports, The 32-year-old Zingano had just finished off a tough opponent, Amanda Nunes, in brutal fashion, raining […]

Cloud 9 Drug
Susan Harris

The Cloud 9 drug is addictive and very dangerous and can created using a few household items that comes with a disturbing trend. Authorities are now calling the bath salt “Ivory Wave” a synthetic form of Cocaine. This drug gives […]