Bill Waters

Bill Waters is a staff writer for NewsOXY. Below is a list of news articles written by this author and journalist.

Georgia State of Emergency Georgia State of Emergency Involves 50 Counties Amid Storm Warning

A Georgia State of Emergency has been declared by Governor Nathan Deal following a winter storm warning for 50 counties. North Georgia was the hardest hit by bad weather, leaving several motorists stranded in vehicles, according to The Inquisitr. Deal […]

image Louie Caldwell to Thomas L. King Funeral Home: Family Shocked Over Wrong Burial

Louie Caldwell was sent to the Thomas L. King Funeral Home in Georgia by mistake. The family was shocked to learn last week that they buried the wrong person after a crime lab mix-up. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation revealed […]

Diena Thompson Jarred Harrell Fire Diena Thompson: Jarred Harrell Former Home Set On Fire By Diena Thompson During Training Exercise

Diena Thompson doesn’t want anyone living in a home where Jarred Harrell 7-year-old Somer was killed, which will now be a fire training exercise for the Orange Park Fire Department and other agencies, according to the Examiner. The Somer Thompson […]

Falling Oil Prices Falling Oil Prices Bring Relief To Consumers

Falling oil prices is great for the middle class, but not if their jobs rely on the oil and gas industry. The cost at the pump has dropped by half during the past six months. But the prices are sending […]

Cat Zingano To Face Ronda Rousey In UFC 182

Cat Zingano will face Ronda Rousey in January at UFC 182, and it’s a dream match she’s been hoping for. According to Yahoo Sports, The 32-year-old Zingano had just finished off a tough opponent, Amanda Nunes, in brutal fashion, raining […]

Pilots Mid-Air Dive Launches Official Investigation Into Jet Airways

Pilots mid-air dive gets them suspended after India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation launches an official Jet Airways investigation. According to The Inquisitr, the pilots put the aircraft, a Boeing 777-300 Extended Range, into an altitude assigned to another aircraft. […]

Donna Dixon Dan Aykroyd Premiere: Dixon At James Brown Event With Aykroyd

Donna Dixon and Dan Aykroyd hit the New York premiere of his latest flick, the James Brown biopic “Get on Up,” looking god and calling it a date night. The premiere is the first time in many years that the […]

Sterling Debt: Donald Needs Money From Clippers

Donald Sterling needs to sell the Los Angeles clippers to pay debt off, and he’s hoping that the $2 billion sale will happen soon. If not, Donald Sterling will be forced to sell off some of his real estate assets. […]

Concordia Final Voyage: Biggest Salvage Operation In History

The Costa Concordia final voyage is making its way to a shipyard, leaving the Italian island of Giglio. Workers will begin towing the large cruise ship on Monday. The Costa Concordia has been a thorn for Italy ever since it […]

Kellie Pickler Bikini Body: Pictures Reveal Amazing Curves

Kellie Pickler Bikini Body – The singer is showing off her curves on social media. It seems as though Kellie Pickler has been posting pictures of her bikini body from an unknown island, which is attracting some attending. The singer […]