Tom Cruise: Auditioning Women To Find Scientology Wife

Tom Cruise’s Church of Scientology went through an extreme audition process by interviewing women to find him a wife that they felt was suitable. The information comes from Marc Headley, who was interviewed by NBC Dateline.

Headley is a former Scientologist from the actor’s Church who alleges that he was on a team created to find the actor his perfect wife; of course, the Church is denying this rumor.

Headley worked at the once secret international headquarters of Scientology just east of Los Angeles for 15 years. However, he left alleging that the church violated California laws regulating wages, child labor, and school attendance.

In addition, the New York Post has reported that the church persuaded Cruise to divorce his then-pregnant wife Nicole Kidman, because she was not completely sold on Scientology. The actresses non-willingness to commit to the religion allegedly resulted in divorce.

The newspaper also stated that the couple’s prenuptial read that Katie would receive $3 million a year, for every year, she was married to the “Rock of Ages” actor, and she would receive a large bonus for giving birth to a mini-Scientologist.

We will probably never know for sure the inner workings of the Church of Scientology.

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