2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid Sales Soar

Toyota is faced with higher demands for its 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid cars as consumers seek better fuel efficiency.

By: Andy Hodges
Staff Writer
Published: Jun 19, 2021

2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid Meets Higher Fuel Economy Demands

Toyota Motor Corp has a target goal to sell a certain number of 2010 Toyota Prius hybrids each month since its release date. The automaker set its financial target for 10,000 hybrid vehicles per month. However, the car has surpassed that number after it received more than 180,000 orders last month in Japan.

The 2010 Prius is a third-generation hybrid car, and it already took the number one spot away from Honda in Japan. Some dealers are reporting that demand for the Toyota Prius second-generation hybrid vehicle is still moving stronger than the newer model. The automobile is now turning legendary as it completes more than 10 years of road service.

The automaker is surprised that demand for its second-generation hybrid car has more demand than the new Toyota Prius. Hybrid prices for its second-generation appeal to consumers since it has proven reliability. However, the new Toyota Prius model has several upgrades, and is still less expensive than its predecessors.

Toyota Prius Heats Up Hybrid Cars Compeition

Competition is also heating up as Ford Motor Company is doing quite well with its Ford Fusion Hybrid. The Honda Insight is still a popular hybrid, and it's too early to know which automobile will rank first during May. What we do know so far is that the 2010 Prius isn't receiving its glory here in the United States after selling just 700 cars last month.

Even so, Toyota is still the world's biggest automaker and has enjoyed success with its Camry sedan and Lexus luxury models. While the auto industry has tanked, the new hybrids should revive automakers that recorded a serious loss last year. Toyota, Ford, and Honda have taken the market by storm.

When it comes to hybrid cars, the real big three at this point are Toyota, Ford, and Honda. How well the Prius Hybrid stacks up against its competitors is yet to be seen. Several financial analysts predict a huge success among each automaker.

Cash-For-Clunkers Program Includes $4,500 Vouchers For 18 MPG Or Lower

The new "cash-for-clunkers" program initiated by President Barack Obama could also help sales for the new Toyota Prius. It offers vouchers worth up to $4,500 to turn in conventional vehicles for new cars in the United States. The car can't be more than 25 years old, and it must have a MPG rating of 18 or lower to qualify.

2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid Optional Features

The 2010 Prius features an optional powered sunroof with Solar Powered Ventilation System. This moon roof can tilt and slide and protects the interior from heat. You can use climate control settings to allow the Solar Powered Ventilation System to cool the cabin once it reaches 86 degrees.

The neat thing about the Ventilation System on the Toyota Prius is that comes on automatically without using its hybrid battery or engine. The system collects energy from the solar panels, which powers a fan to run. I really like this feature as no one likes to enter a vehicle with a temperature of 110 degrees.

The car also has a Hybrid Synergy Drive system that is 90 percent newly-developed with significant improvements over previous models. The transaxle is lighter in weight and reduces torque losses by as much as 20 percent in comparison to the previous model. The inverter, which converts direct current to alternating current, has a new direct cooling system to reduce size and weight.

2010 Toyota Prius hybrid also has a Remote Air conditioner System that allows you to active its A/C from your key chain. The automobile has plenty of cargo space and legroom for backseat passengers.

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