Facebook Identifies Burglary Suspect In Revealing Photo

Facebook Burglary – A Facebook page revealed a photo of Isaiah Cutler, 18, and three teens, which made the job easy for the burglary investigation by Pittsburgh, PA authorities. They felt untouchable after breaking into Elliott’s Town Market on Chartiers Avenue in the West End making off with thousands of dollars worth of cash. They bragged after the theft, then posted the pictures on a public networking site for the world to see.

It all happened when Cutler and his three friends burglarized the local market of cash, cigarettes, candy and checks worth over $8,000.

Following the theft, they wanted their online friends to see just how cool they were, with photos of themselves showing the stolen goods and cash.

They really felt like “Thugs” and “Gangsters” that night, before something went down that would break up their little party.

It appears that Cutler’s family became concerned when they saw the photos. According to Detective Valerie Milie some of Cutler’s relatives called the police after seeing the pictures; he is currently in jail and has been there since Dec.12.

His only previous run-in with the law was an arrest for marijuana possession.

The younger suspects have not been identities because they are under age.

They are now in their parents’ custody and will face a juvenile court soon.

Prior to the parents figuring out what happen, the police were on the hunt for the kids, due to their Facebook photo’s and surveillance video from the store.

Cutler will face a preliminary hearing on the Facebook burglary on Wednesday for multiple charges.

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