Car Stolen 16 Years Ago Appears Online In Utah

Stolen Car Found 16 Years Later – A Missouri man and his beloved classic car have been reunited 16 years later after it was stolen. He was able to track it down online in Utah last month. The rightful owner picked up his red 1969 Chevy Camaro on Tuesday.

Edward Neeley contacted authorities after he saw the Camaro listed for sale on an website. The seller, Brent Dockery of Syracuse, bought the auto four years ago on eBay and is also a victim, investigators said. He was unaware its vehicle identification number had been switched.

Davis County detectives obtained a search warrant and found the authentic VIN in the door panel, which confirmed Edward’s suspicions.

After an investigation, the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division returned the Chevy to its original owner.

“Oh, oh, I got my baby back,” Edward couldn’t believe he laid eyes on the Camaro again this week. He never thought “it would come, even after I found it on the Internet.”

Charlie Roberts, spokesman for the Utah motor vehicle division, stated it’s unknown how many owners the it had or how many miles it has racked up since it was stolen in 1995. Neeley was only 18 at the time.

Dockery said he bought the 1969 classic for nearly $16,000 and added another $10,000 in upgrades, and he wants to take out the upgrades he installed. State officials stated that any further issues between the two men would have to be resolved in civil court.

Stolen Car Found 16 Years Later Makes Happy Ending

Neeley had the car shipped back home later this week.

“She’s back,” he said. “She already loves me, I can tell, so we’re back together, baby. I’ll get (her) back in shape.”