Student Finds Cocaine Inside Terrorism Book

Student finds cocaine in a terrorism book at the Mid America Nazarene University in Gardner Kansas.

Sophia Stockton ordered the used “Understanding Terrorism” book from Amazon for $30 and at first, she didn’t know what the white powder was and thought it was anthrax, but tests determined it was cocaine.

“It was Sunday night and I just received it in the mail,” Stockton said. “I opened it and I was just kind of flipping through the pages and so my 18-year-old brother was sitting at the table too. ”

“Just a little tiny package falls out with white powder in it,” Stockton said. “And I’m like white powder just fell out of my terrorism book. And so my brother was like Oh, that’s scary.”

“In class we talked about people sending bombs in the mail and I though of you know they send anthrax in the mail, too,” she said.

Stockton, though waited to till the next day to bring the package to the police department to have it analyzed.

“They went back and they tested it and he came back like 10 minutes later and said, you didn’t happen to purchase cocaine with your text book did you?” she said. “I was like no.”

Gardner police told the local FOX news station that they destroyed the bag and its contents and were investigating where it came from. Stockton said that an attorney friend told her the package probably contained about 2-3 grams of cocaine worth $300 to $400.

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