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This is page 4 of the latest Automotive news stories and essential articles written by Michael Stevens and other journalists for NewsOXY. Today is Sunday, January 1, 2012.

What Car Is Considered High Risk On Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance for bad drivers is considered a high risk factor, especially if they have a DUI, and it doesn’t matter what car they drive. People who are in the high-risk category will find it difficult to get standard cheap rates or quotes. Even if you don’t own a car, you still need coverage if [...]

Saab Likely To File For Bankruptcy

The Swedish automaker Saab is likely to file for bankruptcy again after seeking court-order protection from creditors, but no timetable for the filing was given. The Saab production line essentially has been shut down since late April, when still-unpaid suppliers stopped providing parts. The automaker said it has made deals with some creditors so that [...]

Ferrari Auction Sets 16.4 Million Record

A 1957 red Ferrari was auctioned off for a record 16.4 million at Gooding and Co. on Aug. 20. The car was the first Testa Rossa built, and served as the prototype for Testa Rossa race cars. It has a 300-horsepower 3.0-liter V-12 engine and a four-speed manual transmission. The same Ferrari competed in the [...]

Car Thieves Use Texting To Steal

In a new way to keep up with the times car thieves can use texts to break into vehicles to steal them. Computer hackers using technology to their advantage can send a message to your vehicle unlocking the doors via a text. That is possible because car alarms, GPS systems and other devices are increasingly [...]

VW Beetle To Get Another Makeover

Back in the day, once dubbed the “peoples car” the VW Beetle was an uncomfortable albeit cheap means of transportation, but now the German auto maker plans on making an improvement over its already greatly improved second generation models. The new car, named Bug for short, will have a longer wheelbase than the current which [...]

GM Developing Hybrid Cadillac

From the Chevy Volt straight to the Cadillac, GM has announced it will develop a new hybrid coupe vehicle for their luxury line using the same technology built in the Volt. Based on the Cadillac Converj concept first shown at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, the two-door 2+2-seat plug-in hybrid car will be called the [...]

Lower Your Car Insurance Top Tips

Lower Your Car Insurance Tips - One of the best tips for auto insurance is to shop around. You can find lower rates to insure your car. Don’t assume that the first company you get a quote from is the lowest price. Before you buy a new or used car, check into costs. Car insurance [...]

Common Driving Mistakes

Common Driving Mistakes - Most people who make mistakes on the road forget that driving is a privilege. These are people who have passed the common tests to get a license in their state. However, we all soon forget what the test said the rules of sharing the road with others. 1. Not Driving for [...]

Driverless Concept Cars

Driverless Cars - Many cars in the future will be driverless, but how do they work? We’ve all had those days: rushing around, trying to get errands done. You finally got the dry cleaning, and now you’ve got to get to the post office before it closes. So you go, pedal to the metal, thinking [...]

The Best and Worst Used Cars

The best and worst used cars. These cars scored very well on a road test and are divided up into the worst and best categories. Each has achieved multiple years of above-average used-car verdicts, indicating that owners have had relatively few problems. Models built by Toyota and Honda dominate the list once again, and many [...]

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