Help & FAQs

This section was created to provide answers about NewsOXY, our website, and the most frequently asked questions about news. If you do not see the answer to your question here, please Contact Us.

When did NewsOXY start publishing news?

We published our first news article on September 7, 2007.

How come your domain creation date says January 2011?

We started NewsOXY with the original creation date of September 7, 2007. At the time, we were using GoDaddy as our “Registrar” and our executives decided to switch our “Registrar” to Network Solutions in January 2011. Unfortunately, it created a new record for that date after we made the switch.

What does NewsOXY stand for?

NewsOXY stands for “News Oxygen” and the meaning behind it coincides with “Essential News.” The name comes from our parent company, News Oxygen. We decided to use NewsOXY because it’s shorter and easier to remember.

What kind of information does NewsOXY publish?

We publish reviews, news, and information on product recalls. Our goal is to provide as much information and news that will benefit our website visitors. We have strict editorial guidelines as part of our mission statement in an effort to publishing quality content in a timely manner.

What type of news do you report on?

We offer a variety of news that includes business, entertainment, health, politics, science, space, technology, world news, and automobiles. You can follow the news categories by selecting the navigational links at the top of each page. In addition, we also offer photos on news stories, and a complete list is in our photo gallery.

How can I find specific information relating to celebrities?

All of our celebrity news is located under our Entertainment section. The section provides information on movies, actors, and celebrities. However, we don’t report on “rumors” or “gossip” information, unless the sources are validated.

In other words, we don’t report on a news story about a celebrity, unless the facts are confirmed, or the sources providing the information are legitimate. We know that reading news articles is time consuming. For this reason, it keeps our reporting as honest, and it separates us from other web that only post rumors for traffic gain.

Can I send feedback?

We encourage feedback in an effort to improve the website experience for you and our users. You can send us feedback from the bottom link throughout our website. While we do not guarantee immediate replies to each request, we do guarantee that it is read by management and staff.

I found a misprint, what can I do?

Publishing accurate content is very important to us and our readers. If you found a misprint, or an article, review, or news story with inaccurate information, please contact an editor from our feedback page. We are very proactive on correcting mistakes. If a mistake is found, we will reply to your request with a link to the updated content.

Can I buy a link on a specific page for my website?

Yes, as long as it’s part of our advertising guidelines. We believe in quality links with relevant content that have value and will benefit our website readers. We will only link to other sites depending on reputation that could benefit our users. We do not participate in link schemes, exchanges, or link farms. Contact us for more information on advertising.

Why doesn’t my Internet browser open a new window or tab after clicking on an external link?

While NewsOXY was built for user friendliness, we also wanted to provide options for our readers. We felt that forcing a new window execution might seem unexpected for our users. We wanted to maintain a consistent link flow to content and information. However, in most modern browsers, you can simply right-click your mouse button while on the link to open a new browser window or tab. We left this option available to maintain a quality user experience when visiting our site.

What screen resolutions do you offer?

We offer the high-resolution standard of 1024×768. We are working on a screen resolution size for mobile devices. Some of these devices include mobile phones with Google Android (Droid) and Apple iPhone support.